The 50 original resources developed for this open-access website and my You Tube channel have been designed for those of you interested in learning about contemporary society and culture in Mongolia. The focus is on teaching and learning. You will also find posts about other creative workspaces I am involved in, the making and sharing of music and integrated multimedia being the primary ones.

On-screen metadata has been embedded into each post and its multimedia assets so as to identify and retain the provenance of components associated with each researched article (e.g. attributing people’s names to their photographs). In an increasingly online, anonymised, contested and distributed digital world I continue to adhere to this and other scholarly publishing conventions. Finally, not everyone who is searching the internet for information about Mongolia has the good fortune to have limitless access to computer technologies (ICTs), well-resourced institutional libraries and be paperless. I have also done this for them.

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See OTHER STUDIES for a summary-chronology of Australian higher education research-based initiatives and publications completed before I embarked on the Mongolia Project in 2004.

See ARTEFACTS for a summary–chronology of my study of Mongol society and culture since 2004.

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Editorial Note: I have yet to surrender to the 'closed garden' social networking offered by FaceBook et al, preferring to present my inter-cultural interests and perspectives in the open access advertising-free public domain.

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