The following original educational resources made available on this open-access website have been developed by the author (CP) for those of you interested in learning more about contemporary society and culture in Mongolia and other socially-constructed collaborative workspaces where I am a co-contributor.

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See OTHER STUDIES for a summary-chronology of Australian higher education research-based initiatives and publications completed before I embarked on the Mongolia project.

See ARTEFACTS for a summary–chronology of my study of Mongol society and culture since 2004.

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Editorial Note: I have edited the written, visual and other digital media on this site and my You Tube channel with the intention of producing a coherent dual platform resource archive grounded in my own experiences in Mongolia and elsewhere around the world. This has been the longitudinal arc behind the design. I have yet to surrender to the 'closed garden' social networking offered by FaceBook et al, preferring to use a combination of authoring tools (WordPress, a website, a You Tube channel) and a range of other digital recording and rendering software and plugins to re-present my particular inter-cultural interests and perspectives in the open access advertising-free public domain.

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