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Out and About 07: Соёнбот oрон temple official opening celebration

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The new temple at Delgeruun Choira (Соёнбот орон) in Delgertsogt Sum, Mongolia was officially opened on 15 August 2017. After the consecration led by Zava Damdin Rinpoche in conjunction with other Mongolian and Tibetan prelates and lams, a concert was held for the many families who travelled the long distances from UB and elsewhere to join in the celebrations.

Many of Mongolia’s best musical and other artists performed, including Urtnasan (principal dancer) and other members of the Mongolian National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble. Zagdochir (Teacher of Mongol Humii) and other artists from the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture (MSUAC) also performed. These photographs give but a glimpse of what was a spectacular twilight-into-evening’s entertainment and celebration.

Note: ‘Out and About 07: Соёнбот oрон temple official opening celebration’ is the fourth in a series of posts about the official opening of the new temple (Соёнбот орон) at Delgeruun Choira Monastery in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. I wish to thank the Abbot Zava Damdin Rinpoche (1976 – ) for making available the resources from which I write.

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Prepared by C.Pleteshner, Research Fellow (Nomadic and Buddhist Philosophies) for The Zava Damdin Scripture and Sutra Institute of Mongolia.

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